House Renovations
Across Northern Ireland

BT Home Repairs & Maintenance

Breathe new life into your property.

Even the simplest renovations at your home can make a massive difference. Here at BT Home Repairs we specialise in professional housing renovations, helping homeowners breathe new life into various areas within your property.

BT Home Repairs & Maintenance

Fully-qualified team

Our specialists have developed a reputation for improving kitchens all over Northern Ireland, delivering exceptional appliance installations to vastly upgrade the overall look of your kitchen. From sleek, modern sinks to state-of-the-art cookers, we work hard to install the best appliances to suit your property and budget.

Homeowners can also rely on our fully-qualified team for a wide range of structural repairs. Do you want to create a beautiful open plan kitchen and living area? We are perfectly equipped to bring your dream space to life, removing internal walls and installing steel beams to build a welcoming, safe new area.